15 Years Ago: Jason Varitek Gloriously Mushed Alex Rodriguez In Fenway Park's Greatest Brawl

On July 24th, 2004, it was a day just like any other day at Fenway Park. The grass was freshly cut. The aroma of Fenway Franks filled the air. And the blood of New York Yankees was being spilled on the field. In case you forgot, or if you took one too many knuckleballs to the head, 2004 was the...
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A-Rod Puts On A Red Sox Uniform After Losing A Bet

Mwahahaha! Mwahahahahahahahaha! There are so many right things in this story, we don't know where to start! But remember way back when the Boston Red Sox knocked out the New York Yankees? Well both David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez made a bet on FOX Sports that whoever's team lost in the ALDS, the...
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