Worcester Palladium

The Old School Inspirations Of Mark Tremonti

Establishing a distinctive sound is key for most rock bands. It acts as a familiar beacon that can be easily found in the sea of music that is out there nowadays. Every once in a while though, a group needs to creatively shake things up a bit. Now that doesn’t mean that a total reinvention of the...
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CLUTCH - Expanding The Musical Vocabulary

Every band has performed a cover at one time or another. Some groups have made an entire career out of putting their own spin on a vintage hit. But what does the act of recreating someone else’s artistic endeavor do for another artist? Does it diminish the magnitude of their own original creations...
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Mistress Carrie and Zakk Wylde

"Let me do it honey..." Zakk wanted to be the one to take the selfie, his arms are longer. 30 years ago, Zakk started playing guitar with Ozzy. 20 years ago, he formed the Black Label Society. The same year that I started on the air at WAAF. Over the years, there have been crazy parties, Red Sox...
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