The Who

Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder Covers The Who With Adam Sandler

While performing at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, WA, comedian Adam Sandler brought on stage what appears to be the entire male cast of SNL of the 90's. Among those included Norm MacDonald , David Spade , Tim Meadows , and Rob Schneider . While midway through a catastrophic cover of "My...
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Hollywood Vampires Cover "My Generation" by The Who

The supergroup of rock n' roll all-stars known as The Hollywood Vampires has just released a riotous, hard, and heavy rendition of The Who 's hit "My Generation." Featured on the track include Alice Cooper , Johnny Depp , Bruce Witkin on bass, and son of Ringo Starr, Zak Starkey on the drums...
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Director James D. Cooper Talks About The New Who Documentary "Lambert And Stamp"

Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp didn't set out to be one of the greatest management teams in Rock-N-Roll history, it just happened. The term "making it up as we go along" was applied to real life when they decided to manage a little band from London called The Who . They were film makers who had never...
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Hey Drum Heads! Author Tony Barrell Thinks Drummers Are Misunderstood

How many drummers does it take to write a book about drummers? Answer: None. Despite not being a drummer, author Tony Barrell has written a great book called " Born To Drum: The Truth About The World's Greatest Drummers ". Barrell did talk to many notable drummers like Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili...
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