LB Weighed Himself This Week And Actually Gained Weight

Each week we like to weigh LB live on the air to hold him to his commitment to lose weight. Over the last few weeks he's lost a pound here, and a pound there. But this week the scale went up, meaning he gained and extra two pounds! Although the scale says 267.6, we're just going to round up and say...
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LB Weighed Himself Again, But With Clothes On This Time

With Greg out, the Hill-Man Morning Show temporarily became "Mooseknuckle & Friends" and Captain Mooseknuckle himself has agreed to weigh himself again live on the air. Last time LB weighed himself on the air, he stripped down to his birthday suit to get the most natural weight possible. A for...
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Watch LB's NSFW Weigh-In

The camera is shaking. People are panicking while screaming "What is happening?!" No, this isn't an episode of Ghost Hunters . This was actually just LB's live, long-awaited weigh-in. So how could a simple weigh-in be NSFW? Well, those pesky clothes do tend to weigh you down. So LB wanted the most...
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