Tuesday Trivia: Alice Cooper

He's the dark lord of "shock rock" and the sword enemy of every '70s teen's parents. The mighty Alice Cooper has lived quite an incredible life and continues to be one of the most powerful and influential forces in rock. But as scary as his theatrics may be, he isn't that much different than those...
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How Well Do You Know Metallica?

Think you know everything that there is to know about one of the biggest bands in the world? Put your knowledge of Metallica to the test in our quiz below. But don't tread on these questions lightly. They can be very unforgiving!
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Jeopardy Dedicates Entire Category To The Foo Fighters

We'd like to take one of the greatest rock bands for all time Alex Trebek . The popular game show Jeopardy asks questions (or answers in the form of a question) that would often boggle the minds of the regular person. But a recent episode dedicated an entire category to Foo Fighters -related trivia...
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