Charmin’s Rollbot Will Bring You Toilet Paper When You Need It Most

Charmin is offering a solution to an everyday problem – running out of toilet paper while on the toilet. There’s no need to be embarrassed, it has happened to the best of us. The “Rollbot” is a tech-based bathroom aide unveiled at CES in Las Vegas over the weekend. View this post on Instagram A...
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Tom Morello Opposes Facial Recognition Technology at Concerts

As wonderful and exciting technology can be, it can sometimes be hard to grapple with some of the questionable intentions behind them. Ticketmaster has invested in facial recognition technology to associate a concertgoer's image with the ticket they purchased. Although the extra layer of security...
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Ticketmaster Adapting Facial Recognition In Place Of Concert Tickets

Whether it's innovative and convenient, or creepy and something out of Minority Report , Ticketmaster has announced that it will begin testing facial-recognition technology to take the place of traditional tickets. Video of Minority Report iLens scan According to Digital Music News , Ticketmaster's...
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Maynard James Keenan

A Perfect Circle Unveil the World's First Holographic Album

After a nearly decade-and-a-half wait, A Perfect Circle have released their latest album, Eat The Elephant, which is now available as a deluxe box set. And with that box set comes the world’s first holographic album. NBD.
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Nerd Talk: Programmer Makes Bot To Capture Sunsets and the Time-Lapses are Insanely Beautiful

A Seattle programmer found a way to keep you from ever having to miss a gorgeous sunset again, and he's made the code for it available for free! We keep ourselves so busy feeding the big data machine with modern circuit training - two minutes on Facebook - switch - two minutes on Instagram - switch...
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Jack White Launches No-Phone Policy During Concerts

As the usage of mobile devices remains a hot topic, Jack White has made it clear where he stands on the debate. White released a statement addressing his no-phone policy, saying, "this is a PHONE-FREE show. No photos, video or audio recording devices allowed." Audience members will have their...
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white pill

Nerd Talk: Finally, a Pill For Tracking Your Farts

Australian "scientists" have invented an ingestible pill whose design allows it to track the build-up or depletion of gas in your guts. It's a fart pill ... for tracking farts. Seriously though, understanding how all those craft beers turn to farts in your guts is an important element of...
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Apple Will Reportedly Replace Batteries for iPhone Models 6 & Newer

Now, according to ‘USA Today,‘ Apple may be amending its original announcement.
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Nerd Talk: The First Text Message Was Sent 25 Years Ago

It was before the notorious Nokia brick phone, that along with cockroaches will survive the (not) imminent nuclear war, the first text message was sent between one awesome computer engineering nerd and the CEO of a giant cellphone company.
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Watch The Debut Of Ronnie James Dio's Hologram World Tour

Thanks to the magic of modern technology, Ronnie James Dio lives on. Not only that, but he's going out on a world tour! Backed by the Dio Disciples , the hologram of the late Ronnie James Dio kicked off their "Dio Returns: The World Tour" trek to a packed audience in Bochum, Germany. Created by...
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