Stranger Things

Paul Reiser

Paul Reiser Can't Talk About Stranger Things 4 But There Is A Reference In The Mad About You Reboot

Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt had a pretty solid seven year run as the adorable newlywed couple Paul and Jamie Buchman on “Mad About You” . The ruled 90’s television with Seinfeld , Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air , and Friends . And, as opposed to Seinfeld they had a pretty good finale. So, why a reboot?...
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Foreigner, The Cars, Weird Al Yankovic and more Featured In "Stranger Things 3" Soundtrack

The long-awaited third season of the Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things dropped on July 4th, and the series' soundtrack is already available via Legacy Recordings. Centered around all things 1985, the series' soundtrack sports very popular pop tracks by Madonna, Wham!, and Corey Hart. But it...
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Watch The Final Trailer For 'Stranger Things: Season 3'

Netflix has released the final traielr for Stranger Things: Season 3 , which will be available on July 4th. In this trailer we learn that despite Eleven closing the gateway to "The Upside-Down", the Stranger Things kids aren't quite rid of these otherworldly creatures. The main baddie is still...
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Stranger Things 3

SCREENSHOTS: The 'Stranger Things 3' Trailer Is Here With Mall Madness and a New Monster

"We're not kids anymore"
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Eleven Gifts for Every Kind of 'Stranger Things' Fan on Your Holiday Shopping List

Holiday shopping is hard.
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David Harbour at The 23rd Annual Critics' Choice Awards

David Harbour Debunks ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Theories

Chief Jim Hopper is diving into some of the most ridiculous yet plausible Stranger Things theories.
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Joe Keery

WATCH: 'Stranger Things' Kids Wish Steve Harrington a Happy Father's Day

Watch the 'Stranger Things' kids wish "dad Steve" a happy Father's Day.
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Dustin from Stranger Things

Dustin from Stranger Things has a band and they covered Pearl Jam and Jimmy Eat World

We already know the kids in Stranger Things can act, and we knew some of them could even sing/play music in a band, but I had no idea Gaten Matarazzo (a.k.a. Dustin) has such a great taste in music.
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Watch Gaten Matarazzo Of "Stranger Things" Cover Pearl Jam & Jimmy Eat World

You can't resist those pearls. Grrrrrrrr. Actor Gaten Matarazzo (aka Dustin) is the latest cast member of Stranger Things to exhibit some musical talent. Finn Worlfhard (Mike) can be seen covering New Order and Guns N' Roses on his guitar, and Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) can bust a rhyme when...
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa, No matter what you hear from my Mom, my bosses, or anyone else here at WAAF, I have been a good girl this year! That being said... Here are a few things that I would like to find under the tree on Christmas morning. 1. I would REALLY like this, so I can just hit a button, and POOF.....
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