Stone Sour

Watch Corey Taylor's Live Covers of Guns N' Roses & Van Halen

As Corey Taylor is hard at work putting the finishing touches on the long-awaited Slipknot album (due out on August 9th), the man is entitled to have a little fun for himself once and a while. First, he was featured in the song "Stuck In My Ways" by British rapper Kid Bookie. Now he has been...
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Corey Taylor Appears In Rapper's New Song "Stuck In My Ways"

Back in January 2019, UK rapper Kid Bookie voiced his love for Slipknot's song "Wait & Bleed" on Twitter while extending an offer to collaborate with Corey Taylor . Little did Kid Bookie know that his dream collaboration was going to happen a lot sooner than he thought. Two months later, Taylor...
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Corey Taylor of Slipknot / Stone Sour

Corey Taylor Covers Prince and More with Special Guests at LA Club Gig

Anthrax members and John 5 among performers at the Roxy
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Corey Taylor Is Working with Rapper Kid Bookie on New Music

It's a known fact that Corey Taylor almost always busy with a new project. Whether it's a new book or if it's getting ready to put out a new Slipknot album in 2019. Now the Stone Sour/Slipknot vocalist has announced a collaboration with UK rapper Kid Bookie. It all started when the rapper posted...
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The Top 10 Hardest Working Rock & Metal Bands of 2018

Even though hip-hop and pop music may dominate online streaming and the Top 40 charts in 2018, rock proved to be the top-earner when it came to album sales and live concerts. Those results are backed by data from Songkick , which tracked the total amounts of live gigs and miles traveled by artists...
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Corey Taylor from Slipknot performs at 2015 Rock in Rio on September 25, 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Corey Taylor Wants to Release Dark Jazz Versions of Slipknot and Stone Sour Songs

As Corey Taylor is throwing himself into Slipknot for a new album due early this year, the frontman is already brewing up ideas for future releases.
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Security Tackles Crazy Stone Sour Fan After Rushing Corey Taylor Onstage

At times, hardcore fans can get a little overzealous. Sometimes they'll get a tattoo your band's name or lyrics, hang up posters of you in their room, dress like you, emulate you, and so on. But in the case of one Corey Taylor fan's attempt to get close to the man during Stone Sour's concert in...
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Corey Taylor Explains Why Pop Culture Ignores Rock Music On Purpose

When the American Music Awards decided to award the rap group Migos the award for "Favorite Duo/Group for Pop/Rock", it became another example of rock music being pushed to the sidelines, infuriating rock/metal fans, and music fans in general. I guess this is why we have Loudwire, Metal Hammer and...
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That Time Kanye West Covered 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and Failed Miserably

We've known Kanye West for saying lots of nutty things over the years, but back in 2015 at the Glastonbury Music Festival he made the claim that he was "the greatest living rock star of all time." But the magic didn't end there. After making such a boast, Kanye proceeded to prove himself wrong by...
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Corey Taylor of Stone Sour performs

Corey Taylor Confirms New Stone Sour + 2019 Slipknot Return

Corey Taylor notes he'll be switching his focus to Slipknot for their first studio album in four years.
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