Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert Honors Ric Ocasek

News broke on September 15th that Ric Ocasek, frontman and founder of the pop/new wave band The Cars, had passed away at the age of 75. Since then there has been an outpouring of tributes and thanks from fans and artists alike. Among those fans is late-night host Stephen Colbert, who credits The...
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Watch Incubus Perform "Drive" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Before they gear up for a big Fall 2019 tour in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their album Make Yourself , Incubus appeared on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" to perform a live version of their hit song "Drive." Video of Incubus Performs 'Drive' LIVE On The Late Show...
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Incubus To Appear On 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' in Late June

On June 26th, Incubus has confirmed that they will be the musicial guests on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert . Vocalist Brandon Boyd revealed that the band is "writing and recording lots of new music", so we will find out in a few weeks if they will be performing a new song. U.S. representative...
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Watch Kit Harrinngton react to potential 'Game of Thrones' endings.

Watch Kit Harrington React to Potential 'Game of Thrones' Endings

Will Jon Snow crack? Nope! Watch as Kit Harrington reacts to potential 'Game of Thrones' endings.
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Stephen Colbert Advances To Nerd Level Supreme With Chance The Rapper LOTR Connection

Watch Stephen Colbert lace a connection between "Favorite Song" from Chance The Rapper and *Childish Gambino , through Gilbert And Sullivan , to The Lord Of The Rings . This is Nerdism at it's highest level. Video of Stephen Colbert Connects Chance the Rapper with "Lord of the Rings&...
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Mark Wahlberg Hates It When Actors Attempt The Boston Accent

Mark Wahlberg made news that he's looking for "tough guys" to be cast in his upcoming mob film that will take place in Boston. So right now we're just wondering why he hasn't contacted either of us to join the cast. But like many Bostonians, Mark Wahlberg is very critical whenever a non-Boston...
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Bobcat Goldthwait Accidentally Insulted The Surviving Members of Lynyrd Skynyrd

While appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert , comedian Bobcat Goldthwait recalls how an interaction with heckler at a comedy club left him with one of the most awkward moments of his life. During his set, one audience member repeatedly kept shouting "Freebird" so much that he ended up...
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Stephen Colbert Buys A Van For a Band and Shows Up In Their Music Video

What started off as a regular monologue joke on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert slowly turned into a gift for touring Nu-Metal band Flaw. After comparing the concept of crowd-funding the wall between Mexico and the United States to Flaw's GoFundMe to raise $15,000 for a new van, Stephen Colbert...
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Jack White

WATCH: Jack White and Stephen Colbert Sing the Full Versions of Classic Jingles

Jack White and Stephen Colbert sing the full versions of classic commercial jingles.
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Tom Brady Out-Chugs Stephen Colbert In A Beer Drinking Contest

If chugging a beer in seconds flat is part of the TB12 method, then we can all aspire to be champions like Tom Brady! During his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert , Brady revisits an old hobby of his that he still has a knack for: beer chugging. Although he doesn't drink as much as...
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