A Star Is Born

Eddie Vedder Covers "Maybe It's Time" from 'A Star Is Born' Soundtrack

During his set at the 2019 Innings Festival in Tempe, AZ, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam delivered an acoustic cover of Bradley Cooper's ballad from A Star Is Born, titled "Maybe It's Time." #eddievedder #inningsfest #astarisborn #bradleycooper #maybeitstime #jasonisbell A post shared by Jeff Z (@...
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Check out the 'A Star Is Born' parody, 'A Star Is Korn'

A Star Is Korn: The 'A Star Is Born' Parody You Never Knew You Needed

Time to watch a trailer for the 'A Star Is Born' parody film you never knew you needed.
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Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper

'A Star Is Born' And 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Score Golden Globe Nominations

Lady Gaga and Rami Malek both land nominations for bringing music to the movies
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Bradley Cooper and Jack White

Bradley Cooper Considered Jack White For 'A Star Is Born'

Why the major casting decision went a different way
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Tom Hardy, Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

'Venom' Tops 'A Star is Born' At The Box Office

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga still exceeded expectations
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Eddie Vedder and Bradley Cooper

How Eddie Vedder Helped Turn Bradley Cooper Into A Rock Star

Pearl Jam singer worked with actor before 'A Star is Born'
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