Which of These Would Win You Money?

Hola Bitcholas, Today was 'Big Dummy' day and, as always, we conducted a Mens Room Poll. Today we wanted to know which of the following you would do the BEST at in an effort to win $1,000,000! - Compete in some kind of 'cook- off'...your choice of food A spelling bee Jeopardy or American Ninja...
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KISS Sells Misspelled T-Shirt During Cincinnati 'End of the Road' Concert

KISS, like many touring bands, offers limited-edition merchandise specific to cities as part of their End of the Road tour. Unfortunately for the band, who has their name and faces on virtually everything, ran into a snaffu with a t-shirt during their concert in Cincinnati, OH. According to some...
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Spelling Hurts When Done Improperly

Hola Bitcholas, Two things today: #1: After espousing my undying hatred of snow in yesterday's blog, I went home and the first words out of my kids' face-hole was, "Daddy, will you go outside with us?" What I THOUGHT was, "Are you mother**kers serious?!?" What I SAID was, "Gimme a minute". Then I...
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