Jack White Ruins John Mulaney's Wedding In 'SNL' Sketch

To find out that Jack White had a hand in breaking up your marriage on your wedding day is an almost bittersweet situation. In the Saturday Night Live sketch Dana (Cecily Strong) had just wed Mark (John Mulaney) and Mark's best man Doug (Luke Null) reveals through song that he and Dana have been...
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Jack White

WATCH: Jack White Crashes a Wedding on ‘SNL’

Watch Jack White's love-triangle sketch, as well as two 'Boarding House Reach' performances, on 'SNL.'
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18 Years Ago: Blue Oyster Cult Got More Cowbell

The cowbell became the gift that keeps on giving in Blue Oyster Cult's hit song "Don't Fear The Reaper." According to the re-enactment on Saturday Night Live on April 8th, 2000, we got to witness a glimpse back in 1976 at Sunshine Studios when the Blue Oyster Cult were struggling with the recording...
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Nickelback Lyrics Serve As Dying Woman's Final Words In 'SNL' Sketch

Nickelback has a very dedicated fanbase. But who knew there were some real hardcore fans that would give new meaning to the phrase "diehard fan?" In the March 10th episode of Saturday Night Live with "This Is Us" actor Sterling K. Brown as the host, Brown is featured in a sketch where he tries to...
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New England Have Been Kicking Ass Since The Revolutionary War In SNL Sketch

WIth Super Bow LII only hours away, Saturday Night Live gave America a brief history lesson in an accurate portrayal of New Englanders taking victory after victory since 1775 during the Revolutionary War. Former cast member Rachel Dratch returns to represent the glory and the power that is New...
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Watch Dave Grohl Appear As A Wolf-Man Guardian In SNL Short

Poor Beck Bennett . In an unaired digital short from Saturday Night Live , all he wants is to meet up with his friends and to kiss his dream girl on New Year's Eve. But on the streets of New York City, nothing is really that simple. While following instructions by fellow cast member Kyle Mooney ,...
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Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl Cameos In 'SNL' New Year's Eve Short Film

Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl makes a cameo appearance in a new short film from last weekend’s (Dec. 16) year-ending episode of 'Saturday Night Live.'
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