AC/DC lead vocalist Brian Johnson performs

Brian Johnson's "Life on the Road" Series Coming To US

When AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson stepped down from fronting the band in 2016, it was a devastating decision he had to make both for himself and for the band. But that did not mean he was out of the music game altogether. In 2017, Johnson hosted and starred in the television series Life on the Road...
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Marilyn Manson Joins The Cast "The New Pope"

Aside from being one of the most controversial shock rockers in the business, Marilyn Manson has also had success crossing over into the acting world. Appearing in films and television shows like Sons Of Anarchy , Californication , Salem and Let Me Make You a Martyr , Manson has announced that he...
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Greg Vs Time: Chapter 2 "The Show Must Go On"

With the possibility of retiring from radio getting closer and closer each day, myself, Mike Hsu and Danielle share our thoughts on what the future lies for the Hill-Man Morning Show. Will it continue? What changes will they make? Will LB be alive by then? Find answers to all of these questions and...
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Here's What's Coming To Netflix in July

Netflix is adding some great titles to the service in July.
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Here's What's Leaving Netflix In July

Last call on these movies & TV shows!
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