Jason Hook Is Planning A Sequel To The "Hired Gun" Documentary

When Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook produced the 2017 documentary Hired Gun , he shined a light on some of the world's greatest musicians that have played with bands like Metallica, KISS, and Billy Joel, yet remain unknown by the general public. Now Jook has announced that a sequel to...
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Kenny Loggins Hoping To Record "Danger Zone" As A Duet for "Top Gun" Sequel

WIth the news that the classic 1986 action film Top Gun will be getting a sequel, there's been some buzz that the film's equally badass theme song "Danger Zone" will also be getting a reboot. TMZ caught up with Kenny Loggins where he spoke about wanting to do an updated version of "Danger Zone,"...
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Netflix Confirms "Bright" Sequel With Leaked Footage Of Orc Auditions

After recovering from the success of their feature-length buddy cop/action/comedy/fantasy film BRIGHT , Netflix has confirmed that a sequel will be in the works. Starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton , BRIGHT was labeled as "the worst film of 2017" by movie critics. While some conspiracy theoriests...
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