Scientists Confirm That Freddy Mercury Is One Of The Greatest Vocalists Ever

Other than pointing out the obvious, Queen fans and music listeners can all agree that Freddie Mercury was undeniably one of the greatest vocalists to ever walk the Earth. But if case a naysayer should ever argue that statement, scientists have analyzed Mercury's singing and speaking voices and...
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Medical Research Shows That Rock Music Improves Cancer Drug Delivery

According to researchers at the University of South Australia, rock music is being used to maximize the efficiency of drug delivery to cancer patients. The vibrations causes by rock music have been found to widen the therapeutic window of a drug by creating a Teflon-like coating over micro...
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Motorhead Fans Want To Name New Element After Lemmy Kilmister

Scientists have recently discovered four new natural elements that have been added to the periodic table of elements. The four new metals complete the table's fourth row with elements 113, 115, 117 and 118. As the elements are currently without names, Motorhead fans were quick to pounce on this...
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According to Science, The Top 10 Best Feel-Good Songs

It seems that scientists have been really taken with the studying of music these days. Recently a London scientists concluded that Nirvana 's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is the most iconic song ever written. Now, cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Jacob Jolij from the University of Groningen in Holland,...
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Science says Ozzy Osbourne is a Mutant

After all of the years and years of drugs and alcohol abuse that Ozzy Osbuorne has subjected his body to, he is still alive at the fresh age of 66, and still rocking as usual. In fact, he may have his genes to thank for it. Because after scientists have sequenced the "Full Osbourne Genome" it's...
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OH YEAH! The Science You Needed To Know About The Kool-Aid Man

Thanks to Jake at Vsauce for the answer to the question I was really thinking about in science class at Natick High School. It turns out the Kool-Aid Man's strength is much like Roger Clemens last few seasons...a complete lie! This is the science you need to know! For those of you who are not old...
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