Blink-182 Arrive at the GRAMMYs

Study Finds That "Blink-182" Is The Most Common Band Name Used As A Password

Nearly everyone's online password has to fall under a certain criteria: at least one uppercase letter, lowercase letter, numbers and a special character/symbol. And according to a report by the BBC , "Blink-182" is the most common band name that hits all of these marks. According to a study...
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Mike Mangini Made Music Out Of Mistress Carrie's Pots and Pans

Dream Theater drummer Mike Mangini didn't become one of the world's greatest drummers overnight. It takes years and years of practice and dedication to develop one of the sharpest senses of rhythm and timing, and Mike got his start like many young kids, by drumming on pots and pans with wooden...
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How Does An Electric Guitar Work? Science Explains

We all know what an electric guitar sounds like. But have you wondered how a piece of metal and wood can produce a sound to pop the eardrums of the people in the nosebleed section? The answer is simple: electricity and magnets. The guitar is made up of many important components: the frets, the neck...
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According To Science: Birds Respond To Music The Same Way Humans Do

We hear birds singing their own unique songs and tunes to each other all the time. But according to a study conducted by Emory University, scientists concluded that birds have shown the same kind of neural activity in their brains as humans when listening to music. Video of Queen - Another one...
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According To Science: Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Invokes Joy, Not Violence

When those outside of the rock and metal community reads the lyrics to songs like Bloodbath's cannibalistic song "Eaten," chances are some will believe that this kind of music promotes violence and evil. But according to a psychological study conducted by the music lab of Macquarie University ,...
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Tom DeLonge Is Getting His Own UFO Mini-Series on the History Channel

Tom DeLonge walked away from playing in Blink-182 to pursue his true passion in life, studying the existence of intelligent life from other planets. He is also the President, CEO and co-founder of the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science , which is a team of some of the highest-ranked members...
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LB Tries To Explain Density and Gravity

When it comes to talking sports, LB is our guy. But in regards to science... that's another story. So when we heard that there was a challenge involving a popular skate shoe and how it always lands right-side-up, that's when LB did his best to explain the physics behind this phenomenon in a way...
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According To Science, Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" Is The Most Uplifting Song Ever

Even in 2019, Queen's influence is as strong as ever. Their influence is so strong that even science has began to take notice. In a scientific study of songs that leave listeners feeling good, Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" made it to the top of the list. But how is science able to measure to positive...
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This Kid Did A Science Fair Project on if Tom Brady Is A Cheater

We should encourage the kids of today to go out and explore the many mysteries of science. However, a 10-year-old elementary student, quarterback, and salty Pats hater Ace Davis has turned his loathing of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots into a science fair project. Titled "Is Tom Brady A...
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