Musicians Tom DeLonge, Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus of blink-182 pose at a press party of announce the 2011 Honda Civic Tour featuring blink-182

Tom DeLonge Says He Plans On Rejoining Blink-182

Although former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge left the band in 2015 to pursue his research of UFOs with his company, To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science , as well as focus on his own band, Angels & Airwaves, he says that he plans on rejoining the band someday. Video of Angels &...
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According To Science, Mosh Pits Can Save Lives

Believe it or not, there is actually some scientific reasoning behind why a mosh pit acts the way it does at a concert. At first glance, it just looks like loud, sweaty chaos. But according to scientists from Cornell University, moshers appear to follow the same logic as natural gaseous particles...
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73% of Independent Musicians Suffer From Mental Illness, Says Study

According to a study conducted by the digital music distributor Record Union , out of nearly 1,500 participants, 73% of self-described "independent musicians" suffer from some form of mental illness. Depression and anxiety topped the list as the most common symptoms of mental health concerns. With...
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According To Science, Most Surgeons Love To Blast Rock Music While Operating on You

It's common practice for a surgeon to listen to music while in the operating to alieve the tension from everyone in the room. According to a study by Spotify and Figure 1, a social networking service for healthcare professionals, it's very likely that your doctor is going to be rocking out while...
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According To Science, Music Streaming Is Bad For The Environment

This could be a bombshell if you're a regular user of Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Amazon, and Apple Music, but research gathered by two professors shows that the maintainence of streaming services has a large negative effect on the environment . Kyle Devine, an associate of The University of Oslo,...
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According To Science, Heavy Metal Was The Fastest-Growing Music Genre of 2018

According to a report done by TuneCore , an independent digital music distributing, publishing and licensing service, heavy metal was statistically the fastest-growing musical genre of 2018. In the report, the company noted that artists under their service earned $83 million in the first quarter of...
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Blink-182 Arrive at the GRAMMYs

Study Finds That "Blink-182" Is The Most Common Band Name Used As A Password

Nearly everyone's online password has to fall under a certain criteria: at least one uppercase letter, lowercase letter, numbers and a special character/symbol. And according to a report by the BBC , "Blink-182" is the most common band name that hits all of these marks. According to a study...
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Mike Mangini Made Music Out Of Mistress Carrie's Pots and Pans

Dream Theater drummer Mike Mangini didn't become one of the world's greatest drummers overnight. It takes years and years of practice and dedication to develop one of the sharpest senses of rhythm and timing, and Mike got his start like many young kids, by drumming on pots and pans with wooden...
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How Does An Electric Guitar Work? Science Explains

We all know what an electric guitar sounds like. But have you wondered how a piece of metal and wood can produce a sound to pop the eardrums of the people in the nosebleed section? The answer is simple: electricity and magnets. The guitar is made up of many important components: the frets, the neck...
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