The Black Crowes Logo Appears on Posters and Billboards, Teasing Reunion

The Black Crowes were a band that was believed to be beyond reconciliation. But when the news broke that Rage Against The Machine was getting back together, perhaps anything is possible. There have already been rumors of a Black Crowes reunion circling around the internet, but the sudden...
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Rage Against The Machine Announces 2020 Reunion Tour

Could this actually be happening? According to a single post to a Rage Against The Machine Instagram account, the rumors are true. The post claims that the members of Rage Against The Machine will be reuniting for a handful of live shows in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and the Coachello music...
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AC/DC's Engineer Confirms That The Band Has Been Recording In The Studio

AC/DC working on a new album is probably the most open secret in music. Even though the band has not made any official announcement, the growing amount of evidence suggesting that they are working in the studio is nearly unmistakable. But according to Mike Fraser, AC/DC's longtime engineer, AC/DC...
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Billie Joe Armstrong Tells Green Day "Whiners" To "Shut The F**k Up" Over Breakup Rumors

Just because Billie Joe Armstrong is playing in a different band doesn't mean that Green Day is over and done with. Unfortunately, that rationale hasn't reached a portion of Green Day fans. So Billie Joe Armstrong took to social media to set things straight. After recording a message to The...
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Robert Plant plays an outdoor live concert as ROBERT PLANT AND THE SENSATIONAL SPACE SHIFTERS

ANOTHER Teaser from Robert Plant Helps Piece the Puzzle Together

Robert Plant seems to have “A Way With Words” these days. But now he’s putting music to those words. Exhibit A: — Robert Plant (@RobertPlant) August 15, 2017 The nearly 30-second clip that lives on both his social media channels and website is one in a series of teasers...
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