I'm Listening: Badflower Continues the Conversation About Mental Health

“I feel like rock music has been talking about mental health for a very, very long time,” proclaims Badflower singer Josh Katz . The powerful and passionate band from Los Angeles has had an instant impact since releasing their debut album, OK, I’M SICK , earlier this year, tackling touch issues...
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Taylor Swift Loves Tool

I usually enjoy a good mash-up but this one made my head explode. Did Tool aquire the ability to travel time(not too far fetched) and travel into the future to influence Taylor Swift or does Taylor just love Tool? I would like to believe the later. My colleague discovered this DJ Cummerbund...
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Glorious Sons Lament the Deaths of Cobain, Tupac, Marilyn on New Single

The Glorious Sons mourn the loss of seemingly disposable heroes in their new single “The Ongoing Speculation Into the Death of Rock and Roll.” Frontman Brett Emmons turns his anger towards society and the business as he bluntly focuses specifically on the deaths of Marilyn Monroe , Tupac Shakur and...
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This Might Be The Most Epic High Five Ever!

You ever high five someone so hard you dislocated your shoulder? That’s exactly what happened to a kid named Daniel in England last weekend. Did he receive this joint wrecking high five from a record breaking Weight Lifter? A tennis player with a monster serve? The world champion arm wrestler ?...
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Hip-Hop God Big Tigger Joins Mistress Carrie & Stiz Grimey in Las Vegas

While out in Las Vegas for the big Pacquiao/Thurman fight, I noticed that there was this good-looking guy near us on media row. Thanks to Stiz Grimey's fan-boying, it turns out that handsome fella turned out to be none other than hip-hop legend and afternoon host of our Atlanta sister station V-103...
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Halestorm Doesn't Mind If Rock Isn't As Mainstream As Rap

While backstage at Finland's Tuska Open Air festival, Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger spoke with KaaosTV about how mainstream and popular music is currently dominated by rap, and how rappers are considered the new "rock stars." “I think personally, whether you’re a rap star, a pop star or a country...
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Rival Sons Talk About The Resurgence of Rock and Why Real Music Should Never Sound Perfect

As we enter a new decade, audiences have become more and more hungry for real, raw, and authentic music, and it's no mistake that there has been a resurgence of rock as a result of that. Both Jay Buchanan and Scott Holiday of Rival Sons agree that rock music has prided itself on being real and...
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Sammy Hagar & The Circle

Sammy Hagar Finally Reveals the One Way to Rock

Plus: his favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd song
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Musicians from Linkin Park; Brad Delsen, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn perform

Linkin Park Has "Started Talking About Making New Music"

DJ Joe Hahn provided an encouraging update for fans
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Rival Sons

Watch Rival Sons' New Video for the Blistering Track "Too Bad"

Plus: an exclusive acoustic performance of "Do Your Worst"
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