10 Rock Songs For Your "Back To School" Playlist

It's nearly September, and you know what that means? Summer vacation is almost over! So no more sleeping in. No more late night television. No more bugging your parents. It's time to go back to school! Now obviously the feelings of resentment and bitterness still rings with many adults today. But...
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Actress PJ Soles Talks About What It Was Like To Be In "Carrie"

PJ Soles is in two movies that are still scaring the crap out of the world. In John Carpenter's Halloween she plays bad girl Lynda van der Klok to Jamie Lee Curtis' good girl Laurie Strode . Like Nancy to Barb in Stranger Things but a lot hotter and dirtier. Here's she is scene with the film's real...
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Psychic Donuts, Terrorist Nose-Breakers, and Blame It on the Hooker: Tuesday 1-13-15 Recap!

Busy day today! First up, we spoke with Marky Ramone (yeah, of THOSE Ramones) about his book, " Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life as a Ramone ," which is out today. (Podcast link will update as soon as it is available.) Also on today's show: John "Doomsday" Howard of the UFC reminds us about the time...
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