Neil Peart

Rush's "Patron Saint" And "Big Sister", Donna Halper, Talks About The Death Of Drummer Neil Peart

If you have listened to WAAF over the past 20 years since I’ve started working here you know what the band Rush means to me. I have declared them “The Greatest Band In North America” many times. I have often defended my fanaticism to many haters and deniers of there greatness. So when I received...
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Win A Snare Drum Signed By The Greatest Band In North America!(That Would Be RUSH)

All this week I'll be giving away copies of Rush's R40 Live blu-ray in the NOON hour! Everyone who wins is qualified for the Grand Prize, a snare drum signed by the band! You can get more details here . Since this is a drum-centric prize, I thought it was appropriate to have a Neil Peart Drum Solo...
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