Tenacious D Fight For The Future In The Exciting Conclusion of 'Post-Apocalypto' Episode 6 (NSFW)

Jack Black and Kyle Gass have gone through an incredible journey. They've warded off murderous tribes of hot babes, phallic-shaped monsters, nazis, the kkk, gorgon creatures, and many other evils as they fight to save humanity in Post-Apocalypto . Now, the duo's journey reaches its epic conclusion...
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Tenacious D Battle Nazis, The KKK and Gorgon Creatures In 'Post-Apocalypto' Episode 5 (NSFW)

When we last left our heroes, Jack Black and Kyle Gass meet their new companion, a sexually-lethal terminator from the future send from Jack Black's son to join them on their quest to save the world by traveling to Washington D.C. Upon reaching the White House, Tenacious D stumble upon an army of...
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Tenacious D Encounter A Lethally Sexual Robot From The Future In 'Post-Apocalypto' Episode 4 (NSFW)

As Tenacious D continues to wander the post-nuclear wasteland of the not-too-distant future, they encounter a badass robot from the future (with some "intimate" features) who has a message of great importance from... Jack Black's son? The robot, striving for companionship hopes to join Jack and...
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