Mens Room Poll: Death by WHAT?

Men's Room Poll: How would you choose to die? Great white shark Chimpanzee Grizzly bear Lion Personally, I chose the Great White Shark. As a general rule, I believe that the dumber the animal, the quicker it kills you. It won't toy with you, it just wants to eat you! Until tomorrow, do what you do...
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Led Zeppelin Gets Voted As 'Ideal Supergroup' In Poll

In a poll run by Planet Rock , 3,500 fans were asked to take a poll and vote for their favorite vocalist, guitarist, bassist and drummer of the ideal supergroup. Interestingly enough, the winner of each category was a member of Led Zeppelin . Robert Plant won for best singer, Jimmy Page won for...
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Which WAAF Personality Would Survive In "The Walking Dead?"

The Walking Dead is in full force and it often begs the question to viewers: "Would I survive the zombie apocalypse?" So we're a little curious. Which WAAF personality would have what it takes to rise up and overcome the zombie hordes? And who is doomed to become walkers (or at the very least be...
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