Peter Gabriel

13 Most Successful Solo Careers by Legendary Rock Band Members

Most rock bands have a shelf life. For every Rolling Stones there’s ten Led Zeppelins – bands that shot through the universe for a finite period of time and made their mark. But that doesn’t mean the musicians in those bands don’t have anything else to say, so they continue their careers in...
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Genesis Members Considering Possible Reunion

Although Genesis have reunited three times in the past (1982, 1999, 2000) Phil Collins , Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford have each expressed interest in holding a possible fourth reunion in the future. Although the band's three core members have since branched off and pursued their own musical...
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Eddie Vedder Joins Peter Gabriel And Sting During Seattle Stopover

While stopping in Seattle, WA as part of their "Rock Paper Scissors" tour, everyone in attendance can only be so privileged to see both Sting and Peter Gabriel perform onstage together. Well what would happen if another legendary musician were added into the mix? Enter Pearl Jam 's Eddie Vedder and...
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