Pearl Jam

A Pearl Jam Song Perfectly Ends ‘The Last Dance’ Michael Jordan Documentary

It should come as no surprise then that the climactic final scenes of the documentary are supplemented with a song that is all about living in the moment. That final song you heard in The Last Dance was from Pearl Jam off their 1996 album No Code.
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Pearl Jam Reveals New Song, 'River Cross,' in Super Bowl Ad

The hopeful hum of Boom Gaspar’s organ fades in before Matt Cameron’s drums slowly march into a quick tease from Eddie Vedder.
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Go On Tour with Pearl Jam

Go On Tour with Pearl Jam!

Enter for a chance to win!
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Your Rock & Metal Guide for Record Store Day's Black Friday 2019

After you're done having your fill of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffing this Thanksgiving, remember to treat your ears with some equally satisfying rock during 2019's Record Store Day Black Friday. Starting on November 29th, rare recordings and special releases by some of your favorite...
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Members of Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Chili Peppers and GNR Form Supergroup

If there was a stage that could contain an all-star jam session featuring members from the Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N' Roses and Pearl Jam, than the Peak to Sky Music Festival was the place to be. Hosted by Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready, the two-day festival included...
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Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" Gets Mashed Up with "Footloose"

Given the dark nature of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" and the fun, upbeat tempo of the theme from "Footloose", mashing up these two songs into one would seem like a sin of some sort. Even its creator, DJ Cummerbund described it as "worst idea ever?" The song also features appearances by Tina Turner and "...
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Eddie Vedder performs during the Innings Festival

Eddie Vedder Reunites With Helpful Dutch Woman 27 Years Later

"He kind of feels like my soulmate"
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27 Years Ago: Pearl Jam Appears On 'MTV: Unplugged'

MTV: Unplugged has welcomed some of the greatest acts to its stage: Nirvana , Alice In Chains , Aerosmith , KISS and so on. Pearl Jam is no exception. But on May 13th, Pearl Jam debuted their acoustic set on the television show. Some hardcore Pearl Jam fans may have noticed an interesting fact...
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Mike McCready and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam at Great Stage Park during Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival on June 11, 2016

The Song Pearl Jam Has Played Live The Most

Pearl Jam has become known for its relentless touring schedule and marathon live shows over the years, during which no song is off limits. You could hear anything from a hit like “Jeremy” off their legendary debut album, Ten , to “Future Days,” the last track off their most recent release,...
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28 Years Ago: Temple Of The Dog Released Its Only Album Ever

A combined chimera of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden , Temple of the Dog became the grunge supergroup of the '90s that was never intended to be massive success. April 16th, 1991 marks the day Temple of the Dog released their self-titled album, though the true origins of the band lies on March 19th, 1990...
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