Ozzy Osbourne

40 Years Ago: Ozzy Osbourne Gets Fired From Black Sabbath

After Black Sabbath finished touring in the summer of 1978 in support of their album, Never Say Die! , they were unmistakeably in a state of discontent. They were very unsatisfied with their record. It did not fare well with their fans. They demolished their bodies with substances like alcohol and...
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 Ozzy Osbourne Announces 'No More Tours 2' Final World Tour

Jack Osbourne: Ozzy Back to Being "Cynical Old Self" After Health Scares

The Prince of Darkness is sidelined from touring until 2020
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Ozzy Osbourne Never Snorted Ants, Says Jake E. Lee

Ozzy Osbourne, in more ways than one, is a music legend. He bit the head off of a live bat onstage, urinated on the Alamo, and shaved off people's eyebrows for fun. But according to his guitarist Jake E. Lee, the infamous tale of Ozzy snorting a line of ants never actually happened. Although it was...
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Judas Priest To Open On Ozzy Osbourne's Rescheduled 2020 Tour

2019 has not been too kind to the Prince of Darkness. After he sustained injuries from a recent fall, Ozzy Osbourne was forced to postpone all of his dates for his "No More Tours 2" tour until February 2020 to allow himself to recover. Scheduled to open for Osbourne on his European tour was Judas...
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Sharon Osbourne Tears Up Over Ozzy's New Health Struggles & Jack's Attack

Sharon Osbourne had a moment during The Talk where she got a bit emotional while talking about her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, after he was forced to postpone all tour dates until 2020 following injuries sustained from a recent fall. "He, at the beginning of the year, had a bad flu that went to...
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Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath performs at the United Center

Ozzy Osbourne Injured From Fall; Tour Dates Postponed Until February 2020

Ozzy Osbourne's ongoing health issues has forced him to put him on hold from touring for nearly an entire year. According to a statement posted to his social media, the injury he sustained from an ATV accident from 2003 returned after he fell while recovering from a serious case of pneumonia. As a...
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Sharon Osbourne Once Proposed a Three-Way with "Friends" Star Matt LeBlanc

One of the best things we learn from talk shows are all of the nutty stories celebrities get themselves into, especially with other celebrities. During his appearance on CONAN , Friends star Matt LeBlanc looked back on a time when expressing his love for Ozzy Osbourne took an unexpected turn. "I...
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Ozzy Osbourne Fans Launch Petition To Grant Him Knighthood

He's been the Prince of Darkness for the last five decades, but now Ozzy Osbourne fans have started a Change.org petition to grant him the official title of "Knight." For musicians, the honor of knighthood is granted to those who have achieved great success in their contributions for music and...
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Ozzy Osbourne's Granddaughters Film Silly "Get Better Soon" Video

Ozzy Osbourne is gradually getting back on his feet after enduring one heather scare after another . His wife Sharon has said that she knows he's been getting back to normal now that he's grumpy. "When he complains and he's miserable then you know it's good." But nothing probably brought a smile to...
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Sharon Osbourne Says Ozzy Is Back To Normal By Being Miserable and Complaining

Ozzy Osbourne had a few health scares within the last year. First he had three staph infections in his hand . Then he coughed so hard that burst a blood vessel in his eye . Then a very bad case of pneumonia forced him to cancel dates from his European tour. But during an interview with Access ,...
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