Nickelback All The Right Reasons Tour

Nickelback 'All The Right Reasons' Tour

Nickelback Tour
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Two Bros Appear on Fox News To End The Stigma Against Nickelback

After feeling the wrath of the internet for years, it appears that the social stigma for Nickelback has lifted, and it is okay to openly admit to being a fan of the band. Activist/podcaster Chad Goes Deep and his friend JT recently appeared on the Fox News program, Watters' World to briefly defend...
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Two Congressmen Briefly Got Into An Argument Over Nickelback

As politically divided as our country has become, it seems that our elected officials cannot bring themselves to agree on anything. Even whether or not Nickelback is a good band. While discussing HR1 (aka the " For The People Act of 2019 ) Democratic Representative Mark Pocan mentions at only 4 out...
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Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves

Bad Wolves Compare Themselves to Nickelback, Wouldn’t Mind Just Being “The ‘Zombie’ Band”

With a rise to fame that literally took about six months flat, listeners are concerned that Bad Wolves are just the breeding of another one-hit wonder. What does the band have to say in response? That’s fine.
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NICKELBACK Unveils An Exclusive Memorabilia Case at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Nickelback Wants to Release a Heavy Album: "Metal is What Makes Me Go"

After releasing a Metallica cover that was so good people had to stop using them as the butt of their jokes for a full day, Nickelback is thinking that maybe it’s time for them to get heavy.
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Deadpool Angrily Defends Nickelback

Everyone likes to pile on Nickelback, and Deadpool has had enough of it. While recreating the famous bedtime story scene from The Princess Bride with Fred Savage, Deadpool goes on a savage defense of the Canadian rockers after Savage called them "over-produced ear garabge." In response, Deadpool...
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Pink, The Strokes, Luke Bryan, Tyga

Watch The Latest "Mean Tweets: Music Edition" On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

P!nk, Elvis Costello, Korn, The Strokes, Luke Bryan, Tyga and more
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Korn & Nickelback Get Roasted By Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets"

Music fans are a passionate bunch. Some take their musical preferences so seriously that they'll take to social media to express their feelings towards their favorite and loathed artists. In the popular "Mean Tweets" segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! artists get to read off some of the most...
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Nickelback's Metallica Cover Is So Good The Internet Is Mad For Enjoying It

Nickelback is that one band everybody just likes to pick on. They've been on the receiving end of many jokes for years and years. However, video of their cover of Metallica's "Sad Bad True" has been circling its way around the internet and they have rendered the trolls speechless. Check out...
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Somebody Wants A Nirvana Reunion With Chad Kroeger On Vocals

And today's award for oddest thing found on the internet goes to... this Facebook campaign to reunite the surviving members of Nirvana with Chad Kroeger of Nickelback on vocals. The reunion is scheduled to be held on New Year's Day 2019 at 1pm at the Nirvana Hair and Beauty Bar in Manchester,...
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