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Five Finger Death Punch

WATCH: Five Finger Death Punch Share “Sham Pain” Video

We’re just one week shy of hearing Five Finger Death Punch ’s new album, ' And Justice for None .' Now, ahead of the record’s release, the band has shared the music video for “Sham Pain.”
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Five Finger Death Punch Declares War On Fame In Slapstick "Sham Pain" Video

In the official video for their new track "Sham Pain" off of their upcoming album And Justice For None , Five Finger Death Punch bare their funny bones while simultaneously addressing some of the biggest, and most chaotic moments of their band's career. In the video we see frontman Ivan Moody wear...
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Billie Joe Armstrong's Side-Project, The Longshot, Releases New Song "Love Is For Losers"

With Billie Joe Armstrong starting his new side-band, The Longshot, it appears that his musical palette extends beyond Green Day. In contrast to some of Green Day's politically-charged albums like American Idiot and Revolution Radio , Armstrong's mood for The Longshot is more about simply having...
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Listen To Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament Debut The First Song From His Third Solo Album, "Safe In The Car"

Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament better have his vehicle insured, because it takes a real beating against natural disasters like tornados, lightning storms, flash floods, fires and more in the official video for "Safe In The Car," which is also the first single off of his third solo album Heaven/Hell . Set...
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Shinedown Debuts Music Video For New Song, "The Human Radio"

If you are a fan of Black Mirror , then you are going to appreciate the message of Shinedown's video for their new song "The Human Radio." In today's tech-driven society, smartphones have become such a vital part of our lives that a sense of panic ensues if you misplace it even for a second. For...
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Sully Erna of Godsmack

WATCH: Godsmack's “Bulletproof” Video is 10 Minutes of Comedic Gold

After months of teasing their upcoming video, Godsmack have unveiled the official “Bulletproof” video, and it’s nearly 10 minutes of comedic gold.
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Godsmack Can't Find The Right Person To Direct Their "Bulletproof" Video In Official Teaser

When there are so many music videos out there, sometimes it's a little difficult to come up with an original concept. In the teaser for their upcoming "Bulletproof" video, the guys from Godsmack try to find a director that they feel can really deliver the vision they had for their album's first...
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Mike Shinoda Unveils New Song & Video, "Crossing A Line"

Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda has been toying around with a lot of his own solo material after releasing his debut EP Post-Traumatic . Now he has released a new song and video titled "Crossing A Line." The video features Shinoda throughout Los Angeles along with with many Linkin Park fans. Leading up...
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Marilyn Manson Features Courtney Love As His Nurse In "Tattooed In Reverse" Video

If you didn't have a fear of hospitals before, you just may after watching Marilyn Manson's video for "Tattooed In Reverse." The third single off of his album Heaven Upside Down , "Tattooed In Reverse" features Hole frontwoman Courtney Love as one of Manson's nurses working in a twisted hospital...
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Watch Official Video For Unearthed Jimi Hendrix Track "Lover Man"

With the release of Jimi Hendrix's third and final posthumous album Both Side of the Sky , a new video has been released of the unearthed track "Lover Man." Directed by John Vondracek, the video is a montage of vintage Jimi Hendrix footage and photos of live performances, behind-the-scenes moments...
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