'Frozen' Gets A Masshole Parody, "Do You Want To Get Some Beers Kid?"

Disney's Frozen was a huge success both at the box office, and at driving parents insane with its obnoxious songs. And with Frozen 2 on the way, we can expect that even more. So to help give it a more fun, local flavor, WAAF's own Josh Dolan and his wife created the Masshole version of "Do You Want...
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Aaron Paul

SCREENSHOTS: 'Breaking Bad' Sequel Is Set for Netflix

Aaron Paul will return as Jesse Pinkman
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SCREENSHOTS: Disney Reveals First Look at 'Frozen 2'

A teaser trailer for the film coming this November
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A Time-Traveling Musician Steals and Profits From The Beatles in 'Yesterday' Trailer

Ever wonder what the world would have been like if the Beatles had never existed? The socio-cultural impacts and musical influences alone would create a completely different timeline. That is the plot behind director Danny Boyle's Yesterday . Himesh Patel stars as Jack Malik, a struggling artist...
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Chucky Returns In "Child's Play" Remake Trailer

Remember the "Chucky" doll? So sweet. So innocent. So... deadly. The cult horror classic Child's Play is back for a modern twist on the original 1988 film. The film stars Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman and Brian Tyree Henry as they try to escape the wrath of of a Chucky doll possessed by the soul of...
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"The Dirt" Will Feature New Motley Crue Song with Machine Gun Kelly

As we draw nearer and nearer to Motley Crue's upcoming biopic "The Dirt," fans are excited to know that the film will also feature four original, unheard songs by the members of the band. On top of that, bassist Nikki Sixx confirms that rapper Machine Gun Kelly (who portrays Tommy Lee in the film)...
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Steel Panther Stars In Low-Budget Recreation of "The Matrix"

If the guys from Steel Panther were to ever star in the reboot of a successful film franchise, it would have to be The Matrix series. Most obvious reasons being that everyone wears sunglasses, the acting isn't that hard, and it's windy everywhere. In the next installment of their "Cineminute"...
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Hillary Duff and Sharon Tate

SCREENSHOTS: Watch the Unsettling Trailer for 'The Haunting of Sharon Tate'

Hillary Duff plays the pregnant actress who was murdered by the Manson famliy
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Watch Steel Panther Reenact 'Road House' In Three Minutes

The guys of Steel Panther aren't just some of the most talented musicians to ever walk the Earth. They are also gifted actors too. As part of their ongoing YouTube series "Steel Panther TV presents: Cineminute," Michael Starrr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxx and Stix Zadinia reenact the cinematic classic,...
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Super Bowl

SCREENSHOTS: All the Best Movie and TV Trailers From the Super Bowl

From 'Avengers: Endgame' to 'Game Of Thrones', most of the action took place in the commercials on Sunday
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