Mookie Betts

After Winning In Game 2 Mookie Betts Snuck Out To Feed The Homeless

It turns out Red Sox outfielder Mookie Metts is just as big a hero on the field as he is off the field. Shortly after beating the LA Dodgers at Fenway Park in Game 2 of the World Series, Betts reportedly snuck away to go help provide warm meals to the homeless at the Boston Public Library. Former...
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Thanks To Mookie Betts, America Gets Free Tacos

For the last 11 MLB seasons, Taco Bell has been running a promotion granting America free tacos if a player from either team competing in the World Series steals a base during any of the seven games. Wasting no time, Red Sox right-fielder Mookie Betts has become the hero America needed in Game 1...
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