Mistress Carrie Will Run The 2019 Boston Marathon

Midday host Mistress Carrie has announced that she will be participating in the 2019 Boston Marathon to benefit the Home Base Foundation, which is dedicated to healing the invisible wounds for Veterans, Service Members and their Families through world-class clinical care, wellness, education and research.

CLICK HERE to make a donation.

CLICK HERE to read the Home Base Foundation's mission statement.

Watch WAAF Listeners Experience Shinedown at Fenway

For the amount of times Brent Smith and Zach Myers of Shinedown have hung out with us at WAAF, we are practically family. So it was a considerably special moment when the duo donated both their time and talent to perform an acoustic set at our luxury suite at Fenway Park for a small group of...
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Mistress Carrie Completes The Boston Marathon

At 11AM in Hopkinton, MA, Mistress Carrie embarked on a journey that lead to her defeating all 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon for the very first time! Clocking in with a time of 6 hours, 24 minutes and 50 seconds, Mistress Carrie emerged victorious as she crossed the finish line on Boylston...
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GALLERY: Shinedown at Fenway Park

In support of Mistress Carrie's run for the Boston Marathon on behalf of the Home Base Program, Brent Smith & Zach Myers arrived at Fenway Park to perform a special acoustic set for some very generous WAAF listeners. Photos courtesy of Greg Caparell and Nick Gould. Be sure to listen to Mistress...
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26 Songs For Mistress Carrie's Marathon Playlist as Suggested By Listeners

As you all know by now, Mistress Carrie will be running in the Boston Marathon in support of the Home Base Program, which provides assistance to veterans and their families. And because she is going to be running all 26.2 miles, she's going to need some songs to add to her playlist to keep her...
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13 days to go

Well, if the Eastern States 20 miler was any indication as to what the Boston Marathon is going to be like... I know it's going to be tough. But I also know, I'm going to finish it. Last Sunday morning, I got on a bus to head to the start in Kittery ME. I was nervous, it was warm, but not too warm...
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They say "Finish Line, not Finish Time"

Ever since I announced that I was running the 123rd Boston Marathon, I have been amazed by the response I get from people... It's always the same. Their eyes get HUGE, they purse their lips together, and exhale slowly... "Are you nuts?" usually follows. My response? A simple... "YUP" is all that's...
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8 Rockers You Didn't Know Were Also Marathoners

When you see any band live, they are working up a sweat running and jumping around onstage. That requires lots of stamina, hard work, and sometimes very little clothing. It just so happens that those are the same qualities it takes to run a complete marathon. With the 2019 Boston Marathon less than...
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GALLERY: WAAF at the Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade

In support of Mistress Carrie's goal to represent the Home Base Program in the 2019 Boston Marathon, the WAAF team brought the rock to the St. Patrick's Day parade through Boston. Oh, and lots and lots of beads too! Click here to find out how you can support Mistress Carrie!
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I Went Marathon Training at the Home Base Facility

To put it simply, training for a marathon is a lot of work. You have to train your body to get used to running long distances, stretch your muscles, eat right, etc. So when myself and some of my teammates visited the Home Base Foundation's facility at Constitution Wharf, we didn't know what to...
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GALLERY: Mistress Carrie Trains for the 2019 Boston Marathon

Mistress Carrie is going to be participating in the 123rd annual Boston Marathon in support of the Home Base Foundation. So take a look behind-the-scenes as she prepares to tackle the 26-mile course! CLICK HERE to make a donation to Mistress Carrie's run. CLICK HERE to read the Home Base Foundation...
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