mike hsu

Ice Cubes & Cereal

Mike Hsu & Josh Dolan Are Grossed Out By Gene Simmons Putting Ice Cubes In Cereal

Is putting ice cubes in milk any different? The two have a heated debate!
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Christmas Trees

Tree Talk: Real or Fake Christmas Tree

Is it okay to have a fake tree?
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Rob Halford

Mike Hsu Talks With Rob Halford of Judas Priest

Rob Halford of Judas Priest has a new Christmas album coming out and he called Mike Hsu today to talk about that and what the plans are to celebrate Judas Priest's 50th anniversary of being a band next year! RELATED: Get A Sneak Peek At Judas Priest's New Song, "Firepower" Listen to the interview...
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Mistress Carrie & Mike Hsu's Special Announcement

In case you missed it, Mistress Carrie and Mike Hsu revealed that in 2020, WAAF will be celebrating 50 years of rock with the first of many announcements happening on Monday, November 4th! Listen to their full conversation in the video above!
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We're On To Patriots with Matthew Slater 8-9-19

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Comedian Steve Byrne in the Studio

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I Went To The Gym and Now My Everything Hurts

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I am not a world-class athlete. A few weeks ago during the annual blood drive, I made a bet with Tony, our digital content guy, over who can donate a pint of blood faster. If I won, I would get to shave that brillo pad he calls a beard off his face...
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