Matt Skiba

Teens React To Blink-182 and Grapple with the Meaning of "Angst"

Even though Blink-182 first formed in 1992, they still hold tightly onto their fun, youthful, and rebellious sound. So when some of the teenagers from the popular "React" YouTube series sit down and listen to some of the band's biggest hits, we are met with a mixture of opinions based on the band,...
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Blink-182 Confirms New Album's Release Date on 'Good Morning America'

Blink-182's most recent album, California arrived in 2016 and fans have been eagerly waiting for the release date for their next record. Following their appearance on Good Morning America , Blink fans finally have an answer. "New music, right now Sept. 20 is the release date of the new album." Mark...
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GALLERY: Blink-182 at the Xfinity Center

Photography by Greg Caparell
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Blink-182 Are Getting Their Own Funko Pops, Except For One Member

There are lots of ways to know that you've made it in the music business. It can be winning a Grammy or waking up to have Weird Al Yankovic parody one of your songs. But now there's another honor that comes in at only 3.75 inches... Funko Pops! Funko has announced that in Semptember 2018, Blink-182...
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Chester Bennington

FIRST LOOK: Artists Share Chester Bennington Tribute Concert Rehearsal Photos

Linkin Park’s upcoming tribute concert to honor the life of late singer Chester Bennington is quickly approaching, and several artists from the lineup have shared behind-the-scenes footage as they prepare for Friday’s show.
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