Wear ONE for a Year!

Hola Bitcholas, Big Dummy day here so we, as we do, conducted a Mens Room Poll. Today we asked you to pick the fashion statement you would be most willing to rock for a full year. You would be dressed this way involving any interaction with any other human being. The choices are: Jail jumpsuit Boy...
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Slipknot's "Tortilla Man" Performed with a Real Tortilla on His Face

Ever since Slipknot re-emerged in 2019 with new masks, a new album, and a mysterious new member known only as "Tortilla Man," fans keep coming up short over the drummer's true idenity. Currently, the only hints they have are that aside from being a fiery percussionist, he is also a talented pianist...
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Slipknot Fan Shares Powerful Attachment To Corey Taylor's New Mask

In May 2019, Slipknot took over the internet with the release of their new song "Unsainted" along with their new collection of masks. Of course the one that drew the most attention belonged to frontman Corey Taylor. New cover of @kerrangmagazine_ is out tomorrow, May 22. Pre-order your copy at...
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Corey Taylor Shares Another Sneak Peek of His New Slipknot Mask

Corey Taylor has a new mask in store for Slipknot's return in 2019 and he posted another photo teasing it. Out of focus and vague, Taylor shared an extreme close-up image of his eye donning the new mask that he will be unveiling this summer starting in Europe. Soon. A post shared by Corey Taylor (@...
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Corey Taylor of Slipknot at Toyota Park during Open Air Chicago

Corey Taylor Teases His New Slipknot Mask For 2019

In a new post to his Instagram page, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor posted an extreme close-up of what appears to be the new mask he'll be donning for Slipknot's new tour and album in 2019. He vaguely captioned the photo, "Soon... #thenewface #2019 #wanyk" Given that the image is only a close-up of...
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