Stories We Couldn't Tell Are Here!

Hola Bitcholas, I told you yesterday about our new podcast, the "Greatest Story Never Told" . Well, it debuted today and will be a weekly thing. In spite of the name, SOME of the stories have, in fact, been told, but not with the details we'll be offering up. So why are we doing this? Frankly, we...
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Somebody Remade Classic Rock Album Covers by Using Kittens

Cats. They make the internet great. If you ever needed to kill time, just time in "cats" in any search engine and watch the minutes fly by. And if these felines needed to spread their furry influence anywhere, it would certainly be on the album covers of some of the most iconic rock albums of all...
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Who is The Who?

Hola Bitcholas, As a parent, there are all manner of small, magical moments you get to enjoy with your kids. Some, you have to manufacture, like taking them to Disney or some comparable bullsh*t. Other times it's a moment when your kid discovers (and appreciates) something YOU enjoy. Case-in-point...
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