5 Great Rock Parodies & Covers

Because Rock and Roll is such an incredibly vast genre, there are limitless ways to approach it. So why not parody it? Since rock has plenty outrageously funny moments, so why not make fun of itself? Below are five great parody videos that poke fun at the song, the artist, and even the genre itself...
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5 Great Animated Music Videos

We love music videos, and not all videos have to follow the same formula of shots of the band, overly sexified concepts, and transitioning from Black and White to Color during the guitar solo to be all artsy-fartsy. Some of the most memorable music videos have been made by very talented designers,...
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7 Rockers Seen on "Sons of Anarchy"

The beloved Hamlet-based television series may have ended a while ago, but Sons of Anarchy will remain as one of the most die-hard fan favorite dramas in tv history. Much like every other television show, it's the characters that we can't get enough of, whether they're the stars, the secondary...
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