Layne Staley

25 Years Ago & 17 Years Ago: Kurt Cobain & Layne Staley Die On April 5th

In a somewhat bizarre coincidence, two grunge figureheads - Kurt Cobain from Nirvana in 1994, and Layne Staley from Alice In Chains in 2002, both died on April 5th. Cobain's death occurred at the height of Nirvana's popularity, as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. His death...
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25 Years Ago: Alice In Chains Releases 'Jar Of Flies'

When Alice In Chains first hit the airwaves, life was good. They were one of the biggest acts in the country, they put five singles from their latest album Dirt on the radio, and they just rocked the faces off of everyone at one of the biggest music festivals in the country, Lollapalooza. All of...
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Chris Cornell, Matt Cameron, Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd in 2012

Soundgarden Is Probably Done, But There's Music You Haven't Heard

Guitarist Kim Thayil talks life after Chris Cornell
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