Lars Ulrich

35 Years Ago: Metallica Fires Dave Mustaine

35 years ago two things happened that changed the direction of Metallica forever: Kirk Hammett was enlisted into the band (He thought it was an April Fool's joke!) Dave Mustaine was fired Mustaine was Metallica's lead guitarist since the beginning. It was just him, James Hetfield , Lars Ulrich and...
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Watch The Touching Story Behind The Guitar James Hetfield Had Made From Metallica's Old Garage

When you see James Hetfield's new guitar "Big Carl," at first glance you'll see a cool-looking guitar. But it turns out that there are multiple layers of history and memories artistically embedded into the instrument. Named after 3132 Carlson Boulevard, the garage where Metallica wrote both Master...
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Metallica's Lars Ulrich Told Noel Gallagher He Was Either "Incredibly Brave Or Incredibly F**king Stupid" For Leaving Oasis

The breakup of Oasis didn't just crush the hearts of their fans, many of their colleagues were also concerned on the Gallagher brothers' futures. While sitting down with Lars Ulrich of Metallica on his It's Electric! podcast, Noel Gallagher joked about a message he received following the end of...
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Jack White Explains His No-Phone Policy During Concerts With Lars Ulrich Of Metallica

The use of smartphones during concerts, comedy shows, and other live events continues to be a hot-button issue, and Jack White has made it clear where he stands. While appearing on It's Electric! hosted by Lars Ulrich of Metallica, White explains that he likens his no-phone policy to that of stand-...
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Lars Ulrich Doesn't Concern Himself With "Ability" When It Comes To His Drumming Style

After being the latest recipents of the Polar Music Prize, which recognizes international excellence in music (aka the musical version of the Nobel Prize), Metallica's Lars Ulrich sat down with members of the organization to talk about his musical upbringing in Denmark, to not being perfect in his...
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A Drummer Covered Metallica's "Enter Sandman" Using Dildos And... Yeah

When you decide to go down the rabbit hole of Metallica covers on YouTube, you will come across all sorts of "interesting" videos. Among those was an "Enter Sandman" drum cover by user 66Samus who replaced your standard issue drumsticks with a pair of loose, floppy dildos. 66Samus described the...
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Robert Trujillo and James Hetfield of Metallica

WATCH: Sing Along to Metallica's "Don't Look Back in Anger" Cover in Manchester

During Metallica’s show this weekend at the Manchester Arena, the band started a sing-along of Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back in Anger.” Specifically, bassist Robert Trujillo and guitarist Kirk Hammett led the charge with an instrumental rendition of the song.
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Drummers Collide As Dave Grohl Appears On "It's Electric" With Lars Ulrich Of Metallica

When you sit Lars Ulrich and Dave Grohl across from each other, it's like they both are looking into a mirror for rock n' roll drumming badasses. The Metallica drummer and the Nirvana drummer shared tales of what it's like being the drummer in the band and why Dave will always favorite the drums...
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Metallica Releases Behind-The-Scenes Grammy Rehearsal Footage With Lady Gaga

At this point, everyone is well aware of the mishap that happened at the 2017 Grammy Awards when Metallica shared the stage with Lady Gaga in their live rendition of "Moth Into Flame." Long story short: James Hetfield's microphone wasn't plugged in, muting his vocalsfor the first half of the song,...
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James Hetfield of Metallica during performance in Prague, May 7, 2012

WATCH: Hit the Studio with Metallica for the Making of "Atlas, Rise!"

Ever wonder what it’s like to hit the studio with your favorite band?
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