Kirk Hemmet

18 Years Ago: Jason Newsted Quits Metallica

On January 17th, 2001, Jason Newsted walked away from one of the biggest musical acts on the planet. After original bassist Cliff Burton was killed in a bus accident on December 27th, 1986, Newsted was brought on to take over the bass duties. Since his joining, a part of him always felt like the...
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Members Of Metallica Rock Out In A Supermarket Deli

When was the last time you heard the guy at the deli counter headbang to "Enter Sandman" by Metallica ? Probably never. That was until comedian Billy Eichner made one lucky deli worker's day by bringing James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammet and Robert Trujillo into a Hollywood supermarket. Take...
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Metallica Bangs Heads Against A Superfan In Metallica Trivia on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

Metallica has millions of fans around the world. There are some fans so obsessed with them that they might know more about Metallica than Metallica knows about themselves.! Well on Jimmy Kimmel Live , one lucky superfan had the opportunity to face off against his idols in a few rounds to see who...
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