Josh Dolan

Ice Cubes & Cereal

Mike Hsu & Josh Dolan Are Grossed Out By Gene Simmons Putting Ice Cubes In Cereal

Is putting ice cubes in milk any different? The two have a heated debate!
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Christmas Trees

Tree Talk: Real or Fake Christmas Tree

Is it okay to have a fake tree?
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Bruins Are In The Blues' Heads

Dear everyone that was saying Don Sweeney was an idiot because we traded Ryan Donato, and that the Bruins didn’t make a big enough move at the trade deadline: If Don Sweeney doesn’t trade Donato for Coyle and pick up Marcus Johansson, we don’t make the Stanley Cup Finals. Last night Coyle and...
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Andrew Raycroft Says The Bruins Layoff Will Help Them

LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE OF BREAKING THE ICE with Andrew Raycroft and Josh Dolan CLICK HERE! Happy Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals Eve everyone! A lot of people have been worried about the Boston Bruins having too much time off in-between playoffs series. Maybe they were too, and that's why they...
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ECF Game 2: Mother's Day Massacre

So I guess the Boston Bruins like scoring goals? Other than when Bobby Orr scored “The Goal” I can’t think of a better Mothers day game for the Bruins. The Bruins played one of their best playoff games EVER! In the third period, I found myself thinking, “The Carolina Hurricanes are an NHL team...
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Bruins Are On To "The Bunch Of Jerks"

You may know them as the Carolina Hurricanes, Hartford Whalers, or whatever you want to call them. But lately, they’ve been known as the “Bunch Of Jerks” . Yes, they’ve been calling themselves jerks. This name was inadvertently given to them by Don Cherry. For those of you who don’t know who Don...
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Jacket Season Is Over

To start I would just like to say for all you Tuukka haters out there, if Game 7 against Toronto and last nights shut-out win to eliminate the Columbus Blue Jackets isn’t enough to shut you up, then I don’t know what else will! As a Boston Bruins fan, I’ve been conditioned to expect something to go...
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Bruins Can End Blue Jackets Season Tonight

Anyone still want David Pastrnak to ride the bench or be a healthy scratch? Didn't think so! I don’t want to say I told you so.. but I did! Everyone goes through a funk and Pasta couldn’t break out of that funk and gain some confidence by sitting on his butt. By the looks of Game 5 he seems to be...
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