Jay Weinberg

Jay Weinberg Recreates His First Meeting with Slipknot

Once upon a time, Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg was just another big fan of the band. In 2005 when he was barely a teenager, he got the chance to meet the band face-to-face during a local show after an appearance on Conan O'Brien's show, in which his father, Max Weinberg was the bandleader. Then...
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14-Year-Old's Drum Cover of Slipknot's "Unsainted" Goes Viral

If you haven't heard of Maren Alford, you might be seeing her name pop up a little more often in the future. Alford is a 14-year-old drummer for the all-girl power trio Not Ur Girlfrenz and is a huge Jay Weinberg fan. So when Slipknot released their first single "Unsainted" off of their latest...
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