James Corden

Rival Sons Deliver Blistering Live Performance of "Too Bad" on The Late Late Show

The Rival Sons have been together since 2009, and their latest album, Feral Roots has given them all sorts of positive attention. Whether it be their fusion of blues and soul with modern rock, Jay Buchanan's powerful vocals, guitarist Scott Holiday's spruce mustache, or the fact that they are part...
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Tom DeLonge Explains The Correct Pronunciation of Blink-182

From politics to movie spoilers the internet has no shortage in things to debate. The latest originated from The Late Late Show writer Ian Karmel on the correct pronounciation of pop-punk band Blink-182. In the United States, we pronounce it as "Blink One Eighty-Two." But according to Karmel's...
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KISS And James Corden Give "Rock And Roll All Nite" An Old Guy Update

"I gotta pee six times a night, cause of my enlarged prostate!"
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Paul McCartney performs at the American Airlines Arena

Paul McCartney's ‘Carpool Karaoke’ to Get 1-Hour Special

The nostalgic episode is being extended into a full prime-time special.
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Foo Fighers Dave Grohl

WATCH: Foo Fighters Perform “Best of You” on 'Late Late Show'

Watch the Foo Fighters perform their hit song "Best of You" after Dave Grohl discusses how Taylor Swift saved him at Paul McCartney's house party.
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Paul McCartney

Watch Paul McCartney's Epic "Carpool Karaoke"

McCartney & Corden took part in an epic version of the ' Late Late Show' segment .
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Steven Tyler

WATCH: Steven Tyler Is Forced to Share His Secrets on 'Corden'

Tyler reveals an estimate of how much he’s spent on drugs in his lifetime and which of his daughter Liv Tyler ’s movie star friends he's hit on.
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Steven Tyler Reveals The Total Amount Of Money He Spent On Drugs

Long before Aerosmith stayed squeaky clean from drugs and alcohol, they were some of the biggest customers of nearly every vice on the planet. And because every indulgence comes with a price tag, one must wonder just how much money they were willing to spend in order to get their fix. While...
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Robert Plant

Robert Plant Brings "New World" To 'The Late Late Show'

Robert Plant released his 11th solo album, ' Carry Fire,' last year and continues to promote the record: Last night, he stopped by ' The Late Late Show' set to perform “New World…”
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Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant Is Still Bitter He Lost A Karaoke Battle To A Taiwanese Elvis Impersonator

It's been established that Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant is one of the greatest vocalists in all of rock n' roll. So one must assume that he can kill it on the microphone any time he wants. Well, that wasn't always the case. During his appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden , Plant...
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