Sharon Osbourne Had To Drug Ozzy To Learn Of His Infidelity

Sharon Osbourne is not a woman to be crossed, and even her husband Ozzy Osbourne knows that. In an interview with The Sun , Sharon admits that she received a drowsy confession from Ozzy about his affairs after drugging him with extra sleeping pills. After receiving an email to his mistress by...
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Ozzy Osbourne Blames Sharon's Busy Schedule For His Infidelity

With rock's power couple Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne nearly calling their marriage quits after Ozzy was caught in the act of infidelity, Ozzy was admitted into treatment for sexual addiction. But after a recent interview with the Irish Times, it seems that he has retracted that statment. "I'm...
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Sharon Osbourne Reveals How She Caught Ozzy In Bed With Two Nannies

Ozzy Osbourne could write a whole series of novels based on his shenanigans in the past. And if you're married to him, an iron will would be a prerequisite. Because in a recent episode of The Talk , Sharon Osboune reveals how she ended up catching Ozzy in bed with two of the family's nannies. That'...
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