I Love People

I Love People: Parking Nazis

I don't know if you know this, but I love people. I especially love people that get wound up over people that can't park. If you see a douchenozzle turning their attempt at parallel parking into a 47-point turn, then there's no point in allowing yourself to be aggrivated by that. If they're taking...
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I Love People: Gym Nuts

In case you haven't heard by now, I love people. And as someone who played professional hockey back in the day, I love athletes and gym nuts. Even though I'm past all of that, I love how everyday people take care of themselves to be the most shredded versions of themselves that they can. We even...
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I Love People: First Responders

You hear me say it a lot on the Morning Show, but I love people. And on this day, I want to say that I particularly love the brave men and women of law enforcement, fire, and EMS. These folks are the real heroes that risk their lives everyday for the sake of the rest of us and they deserve all of...
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