Explain How You Got That

Hola Bicholas, Today we asked 'how did you get that horrible thing you got?' as in a disease or other affliction. Multiple headlines contributed to us asking but man, oh man. The stories we heard today from you, our beloved listener, were f**king crazy. This is what I figured out; I do not want...
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Home Alone in Real Time

Hola Bitcholas, Today we asked "What did you or someone else totally forget?" The question was inspired by the story of a woman on a plane who realized that she'd left her BABY at the gate. Her baby. How in the f**k do you leave your baby at the airport?!? If you have kids, young kids, and you've...
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Butt Why?!

Hola Bitcholas, Butts were making headlines for various reasons; a woman pooped on a cop, a guy was busted smuggling gold in his rectum, another guy rubbed fruit on his naked ass at a grocery store and then put the fruit back on the shelf, etc. Inspired by the glutes we asked WHY WAS A BUTT PART OF...
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