Brigham & Women's Hospital Sign

Brigham & Women's Hospital & BPD Confirm "All Clear" Following Active Shooter Situation

There was a reported shooting near the hospital Friday morning.
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According To Science, Most Surgeons Love To Blast Rock Music While Operating on You

It's common practice for a surgeon to listen to music while in the operating to alieve the tension from everyone in the room. According to a study by Spotify and Figure 1, a social networking service for healthcare professionals, it's very likely that your doctor is going to be rocking out while...
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Sublime Bassist Eric Wilson Hospitalized After ATV Accident

According to TMZ , Sublime bassist Eric Wilson was sent to the hospital after an ATV accident caused him to break one of his arms and four of his ribs. The band's manager says that he was working on his avocado ranch in Bonsali, CA when the ATV he was riding on had rolled over. #Sublime Bassist...
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Ozzy Osbourne Is Doing "Much Better" Following Hospitalization

(Feb 7th, 5:30PM) After the entire rock world got a scare from the news of Ozzy Osbourne being admitted into the hospital, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Ozzy's son Jack Osbourne posted an update on his Instagram informing fans that his father is "doing much better" as the day went on. Fresh...
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A Week Not for the Weak

Hola Bitcholas, Today was that magical day we call "Big Dummy" day. Why do we call it a 'magical' day? Well, we don't. I completely made that up. However, it IS the day we conduct our Mens Room Poll. Today we wanted you to pick one of the following to endure for a week: Boot Camp (Marine) Hospital...
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Ace Freely Hospitalized For Exhaustion And Dehydration

While former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has been making the rounds on his tour, promoting his new Origins album, the rocker was recently admitted to the hospital after suffering symptoms of exhaustion and dehydration. A statement was released saying the following: "Ace Frehley was admitted to...
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