baby yoda

Baby Yoda Loves Metal!

Who knew “Baby Yoda” (what we’re calling him for now until we find out what he is) would become the breakout character from “The Mandolaorian” ? Between the Baby Yoda t-shirts, plushies, tote bags and Starbucks drinks you can’t escape from the wrinkly little kale chip. I just hope it all doesn’t go...
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What Would Happen If The Worlds Of Minecraft And Grand Theft Auto Collided?(NSFW!!)

I find this especially hilarious because my daughter will not shut up about Minecraft. Again, this video is NSFW or Children...or elderly hookers. Thumbnail photo by downloadsource.fr
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Watch Mistress Carrie's interview with Pop Evil

Backstage with Pop Evil at the WAAF Low Dough Show! Recently WAAF hosted a Low Dough Show at the South Shore Music Hall , headlined by Pop Evil . I had a chance to sit down with the band before they took the stage, and we talked about everything... And by everything, I mean hookers, strippers,...
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