Hill-Man Morning Show

The Three Rules For Crapping Your Pants On A Date

Recently, while sitting in with the on the Hill-Man Morning Show , we were talking about sh*****g our pants. Why? There was a story in the news about it and also, poop is always funny. Deep down we're all still 12.(10 for girls since they mature sooner). I shared an ass-warming story about when I...
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Steel Panther Rocks the 2015 Boch-Kini Pageant

Steel Panther rocks the stage at the 2015 Miss Boch-Kini Pageant with some exclusive acoustic performances. Steel Panther - Party Like Tomorrow Is The End of The World Steel Panther - Community Property
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VIDEO: Bill Bellamy on the Hill-Man Morning Show

Bill Bellamy joined the show live in studio this morning to talk about jello shots, his upcoming show at The Wilbur, and more.
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Two Cool Things I Found Today

I found these two cool things today: 1. The Black Keys will be on the Legendary PBS show Austin City Limits on January 31. But why wait? View the whole show here: The second cool thing is also a duo...or pair. This was sent to me by Hill-Man Morning Show Associate Producer, Special K . Thanks to...
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