Hard Rock

According To Science, Rock & Metal Music Are Good For Your Health

Compared to music genres like pop, rap and r&b, rock & metal are like the misfit kids at school that don't care about fitting in with the popular crowd, and are much happier off being themselves desite what people think of them. According to a recent scientific report published on The...
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According To Science: Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Invokes Joy, Not Violence

When those outside of the rock and metal community reads the lyrics to songs like Bloodbath's cannibalistic song "Eaten," chances are some will believe that this kind of music promotes violence and evil. But according to a psychological study conducted by the music lab of Macquarie University ,...
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Lemmy Kilmister Talks Health Scare

In an interview with Consequence Of Sound , Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead spoke up about why he continues to perform and make new albums even though he is already highly regarded among fans and peers after 40 years onstage. At this point, nearly everyone has heard of Motorhead. When asked if he...
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