The 16 Kinds of Customers at Every Guitar Store

Guitar stores are epicenters for all kinds of musicians. There's the shredder, the "I'm just looking" guy, the guy that turns the store into his own personal concert, and so on. So unless you are the customer who is intent on making a purchase or a guitar store employee, chances are you're one of...
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Fred Armisen Tells Jokes Only Musicians Understand on 'CONAN'

There are plenty of stand-up specials on NETFLIX, but there is only one catered towards a specific audience... drummers. Comedian Fred Armisen recently appeared on CONAN to show off some of his jokes for drummers that really killed with about 3% of the audience. "I spend many years as a drummer,"...
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According To Science, Guitarists' Brains Are Much Different Than Everyone Else's

Now, we all kind of already knew this. But there is actual scientific evidence proving that the brain of a guitarist functions on a different level than that of the average person. According to a 2012 study conducted in Berlin, 12 guitarists' brains were scanned after they all had to perform the...
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