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Bandmate Reveals Linkin Park Criticism 'Really Weighed' on Chester Bennington in 2017

Former bandmate Sean Dowdell admits that he and Chester had conversations about the criticism Linkin Park faced just two months prior to his passing, upon the release of the band’s seventh studio album, ‘One More Light.’
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Remembering Chester Bennington: A Look Back at the Legacy and Lessons

Close collaborators from Linkin Park and Grey Daze share some of the legacy and lessons from Chester Bennington, and talk about the importance of communication in mental health.
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Grey Daze Hopes New Album, 'Amends,' Shows the 'Character' of Chester Bennington

Peppered throughout ‘Amends’ are little clips of a young Bennington talking and joking with his band mates and producer during the original recording sessions.
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Chester Sings Nirvana: Watch a Young Bennington Cover 'Polly'

Grey Daze is releasing a new album called Amends, featuring newly recorded instrumentals accompanying Bennington’s original vocal takes, on June 26.
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Chester Bennington’s Son, Jaime Bennington, Directs 'Soul Song' Video for Grey Daze

Following up the Grey Daze singles “What’s In The Eye,” “Sometimes,” and “Sickness,” is the track “Soul Song” which was given a video treatment by Chester Bennington’s now 24-year-old son, Jaime Bennington.
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EXCLUSIVE: Grey Daze on the Making of 'Sickness' and Honoring Chester Bennington

At the age of 15, before finding international success and immeasurable impact with Linkin Park , Chester Bennington was in the band Grey Daze . “As soon as he started singing, we were just blown away, like ‘when can you start?’ And he said, ‘I have to go ask my dad’” recalls Grey Daze drummer Sean...
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Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington's Pre-Linkin Park Band Grey Daze Features His Vocals On New "What's In The Eye"

Chester Bennington led the 90s-band Grey Daze before taking over the world with Linkin Park. The singer announced a Grey Daze reunion on social media before his passing. According to Blabbermouth , the band planned to re-record their older music and re-release it, but with the treatment it deserved...
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Chester Bennington performs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Chester Bennington’s First Band Re-Recording Tracks With His Son

Before Linkin Park existed, Chester fronted a grunge band called Grey Daze.
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